Piazza Roman

The Buffalo Chicken Pizza from Piazza Roman Pizza in Auburn.

Now and then I get the craving for pizza.

Crazy, I know. I bet you thought I only ate salads at all hours of the day.

I recently heard about a new pizza place in Auburn, Piazza Roman Pizza.

Piazza Roman Pizza used to be Shakey’s, in case you were wondering. It is also what I would describe as a fast-casual restaurant. You order your food at the counter when you walk in, get your drinks and your food is brought out to you when it is ready.

The restaurant boasts that it is authentic Italian pizza. It imports Italian flour, tomatoes and olive oil to make its pizzas. It also uses only Italian mozzarella cheese.

I figured a Friday night would be the perfect night for a slice, or four, of pizza.

There are numerous types of pizza to choose from ranging from the classic cheese and pepperoni pizza to Garlic Alfredo Chicken Pizza and Greek Pizza.

The pizzas come in three sizes: personal, regular and large.

I opted to try a regular Buffalo Chicken Pizza which came with buffalo sauce, mozzarella, grilled chicken, red onion and ranch dressing.

Don’t worry fellow health-nuts, I only ate half and added on the salad bar to have some greens with my pizza.

My total came to just under $18, a little pricy for a regular size pizza and a salad in my opinion.

While I waited for my pizza, I helped myself to the salad bar. The bar was full of toppings and different types of dressings to try. It was a hit for me.

Not long after getting my salad, the pizza arrived at the table. Not going to lie, it looked pretty.

The pizza came in a square shape, cut into eight small pieces and had a swirl of ranch dressing on top. Yum.

When I bit into the pizza, it was different but delicious. The crust was very thin and crispy. The pizza was also loaded with chicken and buffalo sauce. The ranch dressing was needed to cool down my mouth from the buffalo sauce.

Next time I crave pizza, I will be sure to hit up Piazza Roman Pizza, but next time my sights are set on the spicy pizza.

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