Zazu Gastropub

Zazu Gastropub offers a wide range of options on its brunch menu.

Downtown Opelika is growing more popular each day. I finally found time to grab brunch there on Sunday with a friend.

Zazu Gastropub seemed like a great location to try with lots of different options. Of course, first and foremost, we started with coffee.

The atmosphere is a lot of fun — there is natural light, patio seating and multiple levels.

The meal and coffee was delicious and perfect for the cold morning. I’ve always been a breakfast person. I often refer to this “Parks and Recreation” dialogue:

Why would anybody ever eat anything besides breakfast food? — Leslie Knope.

People are idiots, Leslie. — Ron Swanson.

In addition to preferring breakfast food, I like it on the sweet side too. So I ordered the French toast, which came with syrup and berry compote. I also ordered a side of grits to balance out the sweet flavor of the toast.

Both were … amazing. I can definitely say that I will go back and wouldn’t hesitate to order the same thing again. However, with so much on the menu, there are lots of other things I want to try.

The friend that I brought with me suffers from Celiac disease. This means that she can’t eat gluten without getting sick. So we looked at the menu beforehand to make sure she could go and then asked the waiter about choices when we got there.

Ultimately she decided on the pulled pork chilaquiles. They are made with braised pork, corn tortillas, onions, salsa verde, cilantro, cotija and chilis. She loved it! Not only was it a good gluten-free option, but delicious.

There were several other options for her to try as well that would have been safe to eat. So if you have a picky eater, gluten-intolerant family member or someone with Celiac disease in your party — Zazu is a great option.

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