We’ve been to visit our son and his family twice in the past month or so. We usually see them only about once a month (if we’re lucky), so I get concerned that our barely 2-year-old grandson will remember us.

Not to worry. It warmed my heart when he saw me and came running. Well, he was actually toddling in a wobbly sort of way. I’ll take it any day. There will be time enough for real running later.

It’s somewhat frustrating watching the grandson transition from one phase to another, just because we see him so rarely. At his age, a lot of changes happen quickly, so I feel as if we miss a lot.

Some of my comments over the past year have been, “Look at him crawl!,” “Oh, he’s eating solid food already?,” “Look at that sweet boy walking!” and, recently, “He can say so many words!”

It wasn’t that long ago that he ventured into walking. It was so funny how he kept steady, spread-legged with his arms raised for stability. He looked ever so much like an adorable little monkey. I’ll keep those videos forever and will chuckle every time I watch them.

During one visit, his mom gave him a haircut. It sure made him look more like a little boy and less like a baby. She cut his bangs a bit high and crooked. I had to laugh — that’s exactly how my mother used to cut my bangs way back when!

If we’re lucky, he’ll be in a hugging mood once in a while when we’re there. Sweet child, soft arms around our necks! He’s actually been hugging our knees a lot. With his height that’s the most hug-accessible location for impromptu squeezes.

Of course, he doesn’t stay at my knees as I cannot bear to leave him down there. Up in my arms he comes, with a big squeeze. Someday he’ll probably complain about those squeezes, but for now it’s my delight.

His other grandparents and an aunt live very near to him, so they see him frequently. I can’t help but be jealous. When I hear him say their names — in that baby-talk way he has — it makes me envious. Until I hear him say “Gramma.” And my heart melts.

He has some favorite words. “Nooooo” is uttered in a slow, pleasant manner. Which is politely said despite his opposition at the moment to a particular activity. (“Want to go take a nap?” “Nooooo”)

Another favorite is “Hi!,” which he’ll enthusiastically exclaim several times each day, as if he’s just realized we’re there. That’s even when we’ve been visiting for days.

Sometimes he spontaneously demonstrates something I taught him. With his arms in the air, he’ll shake his hands and exclaim “hayayuya!” (Hallelujah!) Delightful!

His uncle created a drum set out of cans taped together. How it tickled us when his dad sent a video of grandson tapping on them with adult-sized drumsticks, alternating between the different “drumheads.” Hopefully he’s inherited drumming talent from his Grandad.

Heart-warming also is when we’re at the playground, and he wants me to chase him. He’ll toddle away (as fast as his short legs can go) but will stop, turn and look back to see if I’m coming.

He’ll start laughing long before I get to him. Grabbing him up and tickling him, even through his thick coat, produces even more laughter.

Music to my ears and warmth to my heart.

Susan Anderson lives in Opelika with her husband. Contact her at susan12anderson@gmail.com.

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Susan Anderson lives in Opelika with her husband. Contact her at susan12anderson@gmail.com.

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