Tipi Miller

Tipi Miller

When I opened my email this morning, I had a message from an Opelika City Council member, touting an address as candidate for Yard of the Quarter.

As I added this address to my list of prospects, it occurred to me that I have received more yard recommendations in the last 9 weeks that I ever have.

During the Shelter at Home time, many of us have accomplished our home to-do lists that have lingered for months or years. We have been blessed with beautiful weather over the past 10 weeks, so getting outdoors has been good for folks’ mental and physical states.

At our house, we have cleaned out the attic, pressure-washed everything that did not move and landscaped our driveway entrance. We have discussed doing these chores for a long time, but there was always a work commitment, sports game or school function that consumed our time.

A few weeks ago, J. Stern called me to discuss the lack of events for art vendors to sell their work. He was concerned that many artists have created work anticipating art shows planned for the spring and summer.

Stern and his sister, Ginger, operate the Art Haus in downtown Opelika. Their studio is a beautiful backdrop for artists to exhibit their work. The Art Haus had plans to host a Spring Fling event in April for their many artists to display and sell their work. Similarly, Keep Opelika Beautiful had planned the 15th annual Garden in the Park for May 2 for artists to sell their pieces.

Like all spring events, we were both forced to cancel. Stern had the wonderful idea to create a socially distanced event called Drive Thru Art Festival. I am excited to announce this new event will be Saturday, June 6, at the Opelika High School parking lot from 9 a.m. to noon.

I do not think this type of event has ever happened, so we are learning a lot as we go. Attendees will enter the parking lot from Lafayette Parkway. Artist will be set up in two spaces per artist. There will be a few spaces between each artist to keep them separate. We are encouraging artists to display their work on easels or other items. Attendees are asked to remain in their vehicle at all times.

All work will be for sale. The purchase can be made through credit card, debit card, Venmo or Paypal. We are asking our art vendors to not exchange cash during this event. As with all Keep Opelika Beautiful and Art Haus events, our wonderful volunteers will make this a success. We will keep traffic flowing to truly make it a drive thru.

There is no admission fee for the attendees or artists. We appreciate Mayor Gary Fuller and the Opelika Chamber of Commerce realizing our vision and helping us make the Drive Thru Art Festival a reality.

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