Our oldest child, whose nickname is Rooster, ran in the house early Monday to tell me he found a bird’s nest.

If you know our family, we live in the woods and regularly experience all stages of life of an animal; however, this nest seemed to be abandoned and the babies were close to flying the coop.

Rooster said the babies were chirping very loudly and the mother wasn’t in sight. He had even hidden behind some bushes to see if the mother was just hesitant, but no mother bird arrived.

Throughout the morning, we checked on the babies regularly, only to find wide-open beaks and lots of noise. The nest is lodged on a column in the top of our carport. My dad calls them swift birds, but I just know they always leave me with a big mess.

By the evening, we decided the mother would not be returning. I knew this was just staring another adventure. One of our children suggested we move the nest into another swift’s empty nest. If you’ve ever had these birds invade your porch or garage, you know the nests are not very sturdy. Another child suggested we borrow one of my dad’s pet pigeons and put her in the nest with the babies. I thought the babies might meet their demise when the pigeon sat down.

Finally, we went with the third option, we should feed the babies. The kids dug up worms from our garden. They chopped the worms in little pieces and set up a ladder near the nest. Each child took turns gently placed the worms into the birdies’ open beaks. Soon the birds were quiet and happily napping in their nest.

I guess we’ll add four birds to our ever-growing list of pets to feed every day. I’m sure they will soon have names and the kids will beg us to keep the birds forever. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure the birdies are strong when it’s time to leave the nest. I just hope they forget about my carport when it’s time to build their own nest.

Saturday is the Drive Thru Art Festival. I am so excited to see the artists’ work displayed. The event will be from 9 a.m. to noon at the Opelika High School parking lot. It will be truly be a drive-through, as we are asking all attendees to remain in their vehicles.

On Tuesday morning, a lovely lady from Atlanta called me inquiring about our festival. She works for a company that coordinates eight art shows a year at various outdoor arenas and galleries.

Her artists were devastated that they have not been able to show any work since February. She had seen our Drive Thru Art Festival on social media and wondered how it would work. The lady had never heard of Opelika.

Once again, I was thrilled to tell her what a great community we have. Come show your support on Saturday.

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