My favorite season of the year has finally arrived.

In case you think I’m talking about fall, you would absolutely be 100 percent right...well, at least partly.

Weather wise, autumn certainly is my favorite time of year. The older I get, the fluffier I grow, and the further south I live, the less I like the summer heat. I love the cool crisp mornings of fall, especially since we built our back porch. As I’m writing what you are now reading, I’m sitting out here drinking my second cup.

We don’t have a beach, but we have a creek and woods. It is a beautiful early morning, with a slight breeze. It was quiet until a gaggle of honking geese flew over, but I enjoy their interruption. This time of year, this is a wonderful place to meditate, pray, read my Bible and newspaper, or take a nap.

There are several other things I love about this season, besides the gorgeous weather. If you read last week’s column, you already know its muscadine time. Drew and I both had a bellyache last Saturday, but those sweet grapes were worth the hurt!

Do you know that football season has begun? If not, have someone check your pulse and dial 911! This is Alabama.

Our first baby’s first words are “Roll Tide,” or “War Eagle.” I’m afraid I have wasted many good Saturdays sitting in front of the television overdosing on college football...and muscadines. Jean and I do what we call 11-11 watching. We start at 11 in the morning and wrap it up around 11 that evening.

We don’t attend games much anymore. The food at our house is cheaper, and the lines are much shorter. Finding a parking place is rarely a problem and it’s free. Well, if you come and insist on paying, you may but it’s not required.

I never have to worry about someone spilling their beer all over me because it is a non-drinking venue. We always have good seats, and we don’t have to walk far to get to them.

With DVR, we can see as many instant replays as we want. We can also pause the action, run cut the grass and pick right back up where we left off. I’m kidding. It’s fall and football season. Nobody cuts grass on Saturdays. We can pause the action while we run grab a burger and never miss a play.

I can also mute the television, turn on the radio and if my timing is really good, I can press pause on the television for a second and be in sync with my team’s radio announcers. Well, yes, of course they are biased too, but for your team.

I also love this season of the year because it is baseball stretch time. The long major league season is winding down, and the teams are making their final stretch toward the playoffs. I think they play a little harder in September and October than they do in July. The Braves have won the East and are headed to the playoffs.

One last thing I love about this season is homecomings. No, not football homecomings but church homecomings.

Since I work with several churches, I try to attend as many of their homecomings as possible. It has nothing to do with those covered-dish dinners...really, well maybe a little.

You know what? Most of them “have church” every week. They don’t always have covered dish dinners, but we don’t have to wait until fall to go.

Church is always in season. That’s better than having football games every week, all year long! There is no admission cost and even the parking is free!

Bill King is director of Tuskegee Lee Baptist Association ( He is a minister, author, singer/songwriter, and performs humor as Bro. Billy Bob Bohannon ( Contact him at

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