When I moved into our house almost six years ago, I made it my goal to have something blooming all the time.

Soon after this decision, we had to cut some pine trees down, then build a chicken coop then a garden. As you can imagine, my dream of four-seasons planting was put on the back burner.

I did plant many daffodil bulbs when we first moved in our house. They are beautiful in the spring. When the winter temperature feels more like spring temperatures, my daffodils get really confused. Right now, I have several bulbs blooming. A challenge that we always face with a beautiful landscape is hungry deer.

I am still trying to find beautiful winter flowers that deer do not enjoy eating. If you have had any luck with this dilemma, please share your wisdom!

Since my yard doesn’t have a lot of color this time of year, I decided it is a good time to get other landscape projects done. What can be done at your house to liven the outdoors?

Spending time outside working alongside Mother Nature is good for the body and soul. We all know that a little Vitamin D from the sunshine is the best solution to the winter blues.

What are some solutions to creating an appealing landscape in the middle of winter?

Examine your hardscapes. In the landscape world, this term refers to the non-living items in your yard. This includes sidewalks, border fences, decks and pavers. These items are more permanent and perhaps do not regularly receive attention.

Since little is blooming or green, it is easier to focus on the hardscapes. If the temperatures aren’t freezing, this is a good time to pressure wash concrete sidewalks and patios.

Maybe you could add an extra row of pavers to either side of your sidewalk. That would widen the sidewalk and add some color to the concrete. Local home improvement stores have a vast array of colors, shapes and sizes of pavers.

The slow winter months are also a good time to add mulch or pine straw during the next few weeks. This will add some color to the dull surroundings and help create a barrier from the effects of the weather.

Continue removing leaves from your landscape. Raking the leaves is great exercise, but mulching the leaves with your lawnmower will also keep the grass healthy.

A little yard work during the winter will make for a more beautiful spring.

Consider ways you can get exercise while working in your yard. We can’t control the temperature, or the rain fall, but we can make sure we’ve got our yard looking nice.

Take time this afternoon to look at your yard with a new eye. Instead of driving into your driveway and running in the house, focus on the details of the landscape.

Tipi Colley Miller is the director of Keep Opelika Beautiful Inc. and writes a weekly column. Contact her at tipi@keepopelikabeautiful.com.

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Tipi Colley Miller is the director of Keep Opelika Beautiful Inc. and writes a weekly column. Contact her at tipi@keepopelikabeautiful.com.

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