On some social media sites this week, I have seen cute memes about the Energy Star’s recommendation to keep the thermostat at 78 degrees.

I see that I lost a few of you when I mentioned memes. A meme is a funny graphic or image that is shared on social media.

Anyway, the memes I saw were joking about refusing to turn the thermostat up that high. While Energy Star’s recommendations may not be recent or relevant, my guess was everyone who shared the meme considered what temperature their thermostat was currently set to.

Thermostat temperature can a touchy subject in households as many people have their own idea of a perfect setting. However, I think the goal is to have the most comfortable indoor temperature without breaking the bank.

The Department of Energy has videos and articles explaining some practical ways to avoid having high energy bills. One, purchase a programmable thermostat.

These are reasonable priced. Probably the only headache will be setting it up with times and temperatures. Ask your children or grandchildren. I promise they can help you!

If you really want to go high tech and efficient, purchase a smart thermometer. These allow you to control the temperature of your house from your phone or computer.

Another idea suggested by the Department of Energy is increasing the temperature seven degrees when you are not at home and drop it four degrees when you are sleeping.

In our house, we have made the mistake of not bumping the thermostat up after we wake up. I’m sure our dogs and turtles appreciated the cool temperatures while we were away!

There are many other ways to lessen the amount of energy you use to cool your house. Obviously, using a fan is an inexpensive way to circulate the cool air. Make sure your fan is rotating counterclockwise during the summer months. This pushes cool air down to the floor.

Purchasing blackout curtains is another way to keep room temperatures comfortable. When my children were babies, I bought these to keep the sun out so they could nap.

When you need to purchase a new appliance, research the energy efficient appliances. While the initial cost is often higher, the payback is better.

When was the last time you used a clothes line instead of the dryer? Maybe your grandmother was the last person you saw use a clothes line. Give it a try!

This Friday night is a big game in Opelika. The Opelika High School Bulldogs will take on the Auburn High School Tigers. Opelika Main Street will be hosting a Community Pep Rally at Courthouse Square in downtown Opelika on Thursday. The fun will begin at 5:30 p.m.

The football players, cheerleaders and other guests will be there to get the crowd excited about the game. Afterward I encourage you to stay downtown for supper. Let’s make it a fun evening!

Tipi Colley Miller is the director of Keep Opelika Beautiful Inc. and writes a weekly column. Contact her at tipi@keepopelikabeautiful.com.

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