AU's Gogue's salary ranks among nation's highest

Auburn University President Jay Gogue

The Chronicle of Higher Education released its survey of pay for university presidents this past weekend, listing Auburn University President Jay Gogue’s annual compensation in 2011-12 as $2.5 million - the second highest salary for public college presidents in America.

But according to the Office of Communications and Marketing at Auburn, the information given by the Chronicle was not entirely clear, and the $2.5 million is not his annual salary.

The university sent a statement to the Chronicle Friday, stating:

“Since arriving at Auburn in 2007, President Gogue has led Auburn University to record levels of student academic achievement, engagement with business and industry, research, creative scholarship and endowed professorships, among other accomplishments. In basic financial terms, the return on investment is remarkably high.

“When he was hired, the Board chose an annual compensation package with two parts — base salary and deferred salary. His deferred salary isn't paid annually but received only after serving the full term in his five-year contract.

“The total reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education’s annual presidential compensation report of $2,542,865 is the sum of Gogue’s base salary ($482,070), deferred compensation paid ($1,809,145), deferred compensation set aside ($250,000) and retirement pay set aside ($1,650).”

The top 10 salaries in 2011-12, according to the Chronicle, are listed below:

1. Graham Spanier, Pennsylvania State University, $2,906,271

2. Jay Gogue, Auburn University, $2,542,865

3. E. Gordon Gee, Ohio State University, $1,899,420

4. Alan Merten, George Mason University, $1,869,369

5. Jo Ann Gora, Ball State University, $984,647

6. Mary Sue Coleman, University of Michigan, $918,783

7. Charles Steger, Virginia Tech, $857,749

8. Mark Yudof, University of California, $847,149

9. Bernard Machen, University of Florida, $834,562

10. Francisco Cigarroa, University of Texas, $815,833

Spanier and Merten are no longer presidents at their respective universities.

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