Auburn sinkhole

D & J Enterprises, LLC. construction crew filled up the sinkhole Thursday, July 11 at 2 a.m. 

Construction crews are expected to complete the replacement of a stormwater main and resurfacing on Auburn’s West Glenn Avenue by sometime today, with normal traffic flow expected to resume soon after, officials said.

“We are hoping to have the road open sometime on Friday,” Auburn City Manager James Buston said. “Wednesday night we closed everything, and a lane on North College as well, to replace that piece of clay pipe. We had that replaced by 2 a.m. Thursday morning. I think D & J Enterprises is going to be out Thursday resurfacing, assuming the rain holds off.”

Once the resurfacing sets, the thoroughfare is expected to be reopened Saturday, July 13, at 6 a.m., according to Auburn public affairs director David Dorton.

Beginning June 10, the Water Resource Management Department investigated a dip on West Glenn Avenue between Thomas and North College streets, caused by a sinkhole from a clay stormwater main installed decades before the city owned the thoroughfare, Buston said.

“Once we got in there, replacing the clay pipe with new piping for the stormwater, we dug a little further, and there was another clay section of sewer on that side of the street,” he said. “It’s on the other side of the street opposite from 191 College apartments.”

D & J Enterprises LLC construction workers began replacing the additional clay piping Wednesday to avoid the risk of another sinkhole, Buston said.

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