Auburn logos side-by-side

Auburn's updated branding provided by the university, right, is positioned next to the school's former branding imagery.

Auburn University plans to tweak its AU logo and plans to phase in the new imagery across campus slowly, the school’s Office of Communication and Marketing said Friday evening.

The tweaked version of Auburn’s AU emblem eliminates some white space between the lettering.

The office said a plan is in place to use the new emblem as materials are reordered per regular replacement schedules, claiming there’ll be no need for costly replacements of signs or other major projects on campus.

As replacements are made, the two versions of the logo will simply co-exist. The phase-in process is designed to not incur any additional expense, the school said.

Auburn’s traditional blue and orange will still be reflected in school athletics, the office said, while blue and white will be used on the academic side of campus.

That phase-in process has already started with some promotional materials and will move further along with the upcoming start of the fall semester.

The office insists the school does not have a new logo, but that it has updated its “visual identity system” to make it “more compatible with the many ways we use it and to elevate the Auburn brand.”

The change comes with designs on implementing the same new imagery across campus, which is something the office says the school hasn’t done before. In previous years, Auburn’s used a designed rendering of Samford Tower on its imagery in academic fields, but that logo has since been dropped. Auburn plans to use the tweaked AU for both academics and athletics.

The school said the tweaks make the branding “more useable in digital forms.”

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