Lee Road 243

The Lee County Commission approved the resurfacing of more than 2 miles of Lee Road 243 in Smiths Station. 

Lee County homeowners will be seeing premiums at a lower cost from their insurance providers.

The Lee County Building Inspections Department was honored by the Lee County Commission on Tuesday afternoon for receiving a class 4 rating from the Insurance Service Office, which will result in lower premiums for homeowners in the area.

“In February, the department was evaluated by the Insurance Service Office to determine the level of service provided to our citizens, which would be reflected in the rating we would receive,” Lee County Engineer Justin Hardee said. “This rating is used in determining insurance premiums for our citizens.”

According to inspections department chief building official Joel Hubbard, the class 4 rating, evaluated in conjunction with rating from Lee County volunteer fire departments, means home and business owners will receive lower insurance premiums.

Insurance Service Office review

“This schedule is quite intense and covers topics such as inspector training and certification, budget considerations, code adoption and leadership,” Hubbard said. “The building code effectiveness grading schedule is then used by the Insurance Service Office to assign a classification, which is used by insurance companies to determine homeowner insurance rates.”

Conducted every seven years, the Insurance Service Office has a building code effectiveness grading schedule for its building codes enforcement evaluation review. The performance of the inspection department is rated under a classification, starting at level 1, the highest, and ending at 10, Hubbard said.

“I want to thank Hardee and the commission for your unwavering support of our department,” Hubbard said. “I have expressed my gratitude to my staff for a job well done. We will continue to improve with a goal of achieving at least a Class 3 on the next audit.”

Hardee expressed appreciation for the building inspection department’s efforts to improve its Insurance Service Office rating and its assistance in the reconstruction of Beauregard and Smiths Station homes and businesses after the March 3 tornadoes, ensuring each development remained under current safety standards and regulations.

Resurfacing county roads

The commission on Tuesday approved the resurfacing of a portion of Lee Road 243.

“The highway department (requested) the commission to adopt the resolution for the resurfacing of Lee Road 243, from Lee Road 223 to Lee Road 298, approximately 2.9 miles,” Hardee said.

Receiving 80 percent of the funding from the Columbus-Phenix City Metropolitan Planning Organization, the county will only pay an allotted 20 percent match, Hardee explained.

“Once the resolution has been adopted, the highway department will be able to initiate this project through the federal aid system,” Hardee said. “This project will be funded on an 80/20 split with 80 percent of the funding coming from the Columbus-Phenix City Metropolitan Planning Organization.”

The county engineer said a bid from D & J Enterprises for 9 miles of full depth reclamation, resurfacing and traffic stripe repainting of specific county roads was approved by the commission as well.

“The highway department (presented) the results of our request for proposals for construction of a minimum of 9 miles,” Hardee said. “These projects will be funded 100 percent with county dollars. Upon review of the proposals, the highway department recommends the commission award the project to D & J Enterprises.”

For more than $1 million, D & J Enterprises will resurface Lee Roads 281, 283, 439, 635, 636, 637 and 647 in Salem, and projects will be conducted on Lee Road 298 in Smiths Station, Lee Road 213 in Phenix City and Lee Road 852 in Beauregard, as described in a memo from Hardee.

Hardee said annual resurfacing work is primarily scheduled in the spring and summer.

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