Smiths Station city vehicle

The city of Smiths Station recently purchased a 2018 Ford Explorer Interceptor to be used by the city’s code enforcer. 

The city of Smiths Station recently made history with the purchase of its first city-owned vehicle.

Earlier this month, the city purchased a 2018 Ford Explorer Interceptor to be used by the city’s code enforcement officer, Ed Adams.

This marks the 11th year Adams has worked for the city and he has previously used his personal vehicle, a Ford F150, for work use. Adams’ job entails traveling throughout the city, enforcing city codes and ordinances pertaining to construction, homes, stray animals and more.

“We decided that this was an investment that we needed to make,” Smiths Station Mayor Bubba Copeland said, adding that the purchase made sense after calculating the costs for the fuel and upkeep of Adams’ personal vehicle. “This is our first city vehicle with city markings on it. It’s a big deal for us. It shows that our growth is beginning and shows a great stride into the future.”

Adams said this is something he feels was needed for some time.

“We’ve always talked about it, but this current mayor is the one that brought it to fruition and made it happen,” Adams said of Copeland, who has been mayor for a little more than two years.

Adams added that now he feels more official and there are no questions from residents about who is driving through their neighborhoods.

“Now everyone knows who I am,” he said. “There’s no mistake about it.”

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