Earth Day in Lee County

FILE - Auburn University’s tree preservation committee approved the removal of both a white oak in Samford Park and a Heritage loblolly outside Smith Hall. 

Auburn University is investigating how an extension cord tied into a noose wound up inside a campus residence hall.

Tweets sent late Wednesday by the school’s safety and security department say the noose was discovered and removed Wednesday from a common area of the building.

University officials issued a statement to “condemn this action as antithetical to the values of the Auburn Family.”

Auburn University President Jay Gogue told the Opelika Auburn News on Thursday that the incident was “... obviously a terrible sort of thing to happen.”

Gogue said investigators are looking at two possibilities: a racist statement or possibly an attempted suicide or cry for help.

“Either one of them is awful, but we’ll take the right action” to address the matter, he promised.

Auburn statistics show the university’s current enrollment of about 30,460 students is 75 percent white and about 5 percent black. Members of different ethnic groups make up the rest.

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