The city of Auburn will soon be working on tree removal on North College Street, cutting back on invasive weeds and grass, and making electric and power improvements.

Tree Removal:

The city will begin Tuesday removing two water oak trees on North College Street.

“[The removal is] because of the risk they present to those traveling along the adjacent street and sidewalk,” said the city in a Monday morning release. “The trees have been monitored for multiple years, and after a recent reevaluation, the city of Auburn has determined they should be removed because of a high risk of large falling limbs.”

One of the trees will be removed Tuesday and the second at a later date.

“While work is being conducted, a portion of North College Street’s northbound lane will be closed,” the city added. “Travelers should exercise caution when driving or walking in this area. The removal of the second tree has not yet been scheduled.”

The trees have long been affected by decay and damaged roots, the release said.

“Water oaks are prone to decay, and once that process begins, it can spread steadily,” the release said. “The trees have the potential to lose limbs during normal, sunny-day conditions and are even more likely to lose large limbs in the event of high winds and heavy rains.”

The removal is for the safety of residents.

The city said that it will work on planting new trees soon in the North College History District. Additionally, affected property owners will have an open house, soon, the city said.

"Overall in this area, the City has worked to reduce the number of planned removals and increase the number of plantings,” the release said. “Through this, the City is working to enhance the character of the historic district by planting new trees while also maintaining a safe environment for residents.”

Town Creek Park

Wednesday, the city will continue its improvements in Town Creek Park with more removals.

Invasive grasses and weeds are taking over, so the park will close on Wednesday, beginning at 8 a.m., to allow for the removal, said a Monday morning press release from the city.

“This will include the dog park, grass areas, the area by the pond and along the walking trails,” the release said. “We advise those citizens that use Town Creek to use Kiesel Park or the trails at Duck Samford Park that day.”

Alabama Power

Alabama Power is also keeping busy and will be closing sections of city roads next week for improvements.

Alabama Power will begin work on the electric system along North Dean Road between East Magnolia Avenue and Eat Glenn Avenue beginning March 30. Road closures will occur from 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., said a Monday morning release from the city.

Improvements will continue through April 10, the release added.

“Businesses along this stretch—including Foosackly’s, The Bean Coffee Shop, John’s Professional Alterations and Farmers Insurance—will remain open and accessible during these closures,” the release said. “Traffic control personnel will be in place to assist with traffic flow.

"Signage will be provided when North Dean is closed to allow motorists to plan for alternate routes. Please note that the schedule for this work is subject to change due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.”

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