Auburn City Hall

Auburn City Council approved intersection improvements at North College Street and East University Drive/Shug Jordan Parkway on Tuesday at its first meeting of the fiscal year.

Construction crews already are busy in the intersections near downtown and will soon be doing more.

D&J Enterprises, Inc., placed the lowest received bid for $723,594 and will undertake widening Shug Jordan and East University to place two new turn lanes.

Shug Jordan will soon accommodate a left turn lane heading south while East University will accommodate a turn lane on the right.

The contract with D&J Enterprises, Inc., includes an agreement for a contingency fund of $72,359.

A concern was raised by a resident as to the amount being spent on the intersection.

City Manager Jim Buston said that while the item is budgeted, it is close to twice what was expected. This was so that more than just the turn lanes could be added, including a traffic signal.

He said that while the bid was high, it does compare favorably to other, similar projects the city has completed.

The timeline for the project will take about six months to complete. Buston could not assure the council, however, when construction would begin.

The improvements were approved, though Councilman Kelley Griswold opposed.

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