Auburn City Council will vote Tuesday on four contracts with the Alabama Department of Transportation for work on Interstate 85.

Two of the contracts are for preliminary engineering agreements with ALDOT, while the other two are for official construction agreements.

If approved, the city will enter into a preliminary engineering agreement and construction agreement for lighting and landscaping at two exits, 57 and 50 on I-85.

“[The preliminary engineering agreement] allows us to move forward with the project and construction should begin within the next 2 years,” said a memorandum from Alison Frazier, engineering services director/city engineer for Auburn. “Approving this agreement is the first step in being able to submit plans and obtain the Department of Transportation’s approval to bid.”

The preliminary agreements will both cost a total of $100,000 while the contract agreements will cost substantially more. Construction at Exit 50 will be completed for a contract of $1.1 million while construction at Exit 57 will be completed for a similar price.

The city will provide 20 percent of the total cost, $20,000, while federal funding will comprise 80 percent, or $80,000, in the preliminary agreements.

Federal funding will also rest at 80 percent for both contract agreements, so the city of Auburn will pay $220,000 for work on Exit 50 and $222,200 for Exit 57.

Dinius ParkShane Yarbrough, on behalf of Foresite Group, Inc., requested conditional use approval for a plat of land to be approved for use as a public park and council will vote on the action Tuesday.

The park, Dinius Park, is located at 1435 East Glenn Ave. and was formerly a single-family home on 11.77 acres.

“The proposed use will not have undue or adverse impacts on the surrounding area,” said a staff comment on the planning commission analysis of the area.

The park was approved by the planning commission on Jan. 9.

Parking is provided at the park with 80 total spaces, according to the e-packet.

“Dinius Park is named after the Dinius family who donated the land and other properties to The City of Auburn,” said the city of Auburn website. “Their only request was the property be used as a passive park.”

According to the site, the park will have two dog parks and a family pavilion.

Trash fee amnestyTuesday night, council will also vote on a waiver of waste collection fees for the city.

Environmental Services for the city, if the vote passes, will waive collection fees during the period from March 16 to April 24.

This would be Auburn’s 16th year to waive fees.

“In an effort to promote beautification throughout the City, Environmental Services is requesting City Council approval to waive residential trash collection fees as set forth in Section 20-32 (d) of the City’s Solid Waste Ordinance,” said a memorandum from Catrina Cook, environmental services director. “The fees are normally assessed for trash/debris piles that exceed five (5) cubic yards.”

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