Curbside recycling

A city of Auburn recycling bin sits in a neighborhood located off Hamilton Road. City officials plan to promote the curbside recycling service throughout this month.

The city of Auburn will get the word out about curbside recycling in February.

The Recycling Partnership’s Feet on the Street cart tagging campaign will target residents with education and feedback throughout the month of February.

“Recycling is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do,” said Auburn Mayor Ron Anders in a news release announcing the effort. “Recycling properly saves taxpayer money by reducing the cost of dumping at the landfill and gives our citizens the ability to participate directly in helping our environment. Our citizens want to recycle the right way. Through this Feet on the Street Campaign, we are providing them real-time feedback to do just that.”

Anders said the goal is to increase the quality of recycled items, ensuring that items in the carts are clean, empty and dry.

A team will check residents’ carts at curbside and let them know how they can better decide what items make it into the cart. Recyclables should be loose and not in bags.

Items with food residue, batteries, small electronics, plastic bags and Styrofoam should not be placed in recycling carts, as they can jam equipment at recycling facilities, create hazards for workers and even start fires.

The Feet on the Street campaign is supported in part by a $175,000 grant from The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit that aids local communities.

Auburn has used the money to buy 1,680 new recycling carts for residents, create educational materials and remind residents which materials are accepted.

City officials said over 400 residents have signed up for curbside recycling thus far, and about 85 percent of Auburn households now participate in the single-stream recycling program.

Learn more about what is and is not acceptable in Auburn’s recycling at

David Dorton is a spokesman for the city of Auburn.

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