Auburn City Council will discuss approval of a student-private dormitory on Armstrong Street during its Tuesday night meeting.

Consideration of the dormitory, 355 Armstrong St., was postponed from the City Council meeting on Oct. 15. Mayor Ron Anders asked that voting be delayed until each council member could receive more information.

The property is located in a zone that is more urban, which is why approval is necessary by the council. Auburn’s planning commission approved the usage before the Oct. 15 meeting.

During that meeting, several members of the community came forward to voice opposition to the dormitory.

Buckaroo Enterprises has taken several steps to meet conditions or concerns by the city.

“The applicant has committed to submitting the project to the Downtown Design Review Committee (DDRC) for review and approval,” said pre-meeting materials. “The DDRC meeting is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 12, but this is not confirmed at this time.”

The Downtown Design Review Committee meets to determine the standards for downtown and reviews proposals for developments.

The Buckaroo team also has released a new site plan that numbers each parking space, which was one of the concerns of the council. An added requirement asked that the plan be adjusted to confirm parking will be within the property limits.

The dormitory would replace the single-family home that occupies the lot.

“The proposed use (of the dormitory) is in harmony with goals of the zoning district and comprehensive plan in as much as the density and scale of the development,” the e-packet said.

The Downtown Design Review Committee did recommend that the dormitory match the design of surrounding buildings and the neighborhood as a whole.

Photography contractAuburn City Council also will vote on a resolution to approve a contract with Kucera International, Inc. Aerial Photography to provide photo services to Auburn.

This contract is a partnership between the city, Lee County, the city of Opelika and Auburn University.

Kucera International will take models for the city, confirm elevation, maps of buildings and streets.

“The aerial photography is used extensively to locate, identify and measure city assets and to aid in the city’s growth, infrastructure, and Public Safety planning efforts,” said the e-packet of the contract.

The contract total is more than $504,000, but the city will be responsible for just under $183,000.

Photography is set to begin, upon approval, for December.

Severe weather preparednessTax Holiday

City Council will also vote during Tuesday’s meeting to approve the 2020 Severe Weather Preparedness Tax Holiday in Auburn.

This holiday, which will take place the last full weekend in February, beginning Feb. 21, will include items as set out by the state.

These items include batteries, cellphone chargers, self powered lights, plastic sheeting, duct tape, ice packs and fire extinguishers, among other things and would be exempt from the city’s 4 percent tax rate on purchases.

Items must be under $60, however, to qualify.

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