Turkeys can be basted, roasted, spatchcocked, grilled or thrown in the oven. Typically, they may include spices, olive oil, stuffing or brine.

The children at Auburn Early Education Center, however, have some unique ideas on how best to prepare their turkeys.

If these children were buying the turkeys, they might come from places like Kroger, Walmart, Publix or even from the woods.

What’s your favorite food to eat on Thanksgiving?

Emma Summers: My grandmother’s pumpkin cheesecake.

Andrew Gamston: Turkey!

Sophia Dorman: Turkey!

Kherington Gates: Ham!

Jakala Harris: Turkey!

Emily Daramus: Probably my grandma’s chocolate fudge brownies.

Parks Palmer: Turkey!

If you were in charge of Thanksgiving and you were making the turkey, what would you put on your turkey?

Emma: Mashed potatoes (and) barbecue sauce.

Andrew: Ice cream — chocolate! My second thing is cookie cake and another one, brownies.

Sophia: Mashed potatoes and all the desserts … ice cream, cake, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, ice cream.

Kherington: Pickle! … Lots of pickles.

Jakala: Whipped cream and sprinkles and cupcakes and strawberry, and then I put ice cream, it has green-and-white ice cream, and it has red cookies mashed in it, and I eat it!

Emily: I’m going to put peanut butter on it.

Parks: Orange, red and yellow icing on it and sprinkles. Put some cake frosting on it. And I want to add brownies on top.

How would you cook your turkey?

Emma: I’d put it in the oven (for) 30 minutes.

Andrew: I would put it in the freezer for two seconds, then put it in the oven for five minutes.

Sophia: Put it in the freezer for five seconds and then put it in the oven for six seconds.

Kherington: Take off the pickles real quick and then put it in the oven for five minutes and then take it out the oven and then put the pickles back on.

Jakayla: Put it in the refrigerator for two seconds … and then you put it in the microwave for four, six seconds.

Emily: Before you put the peanut butter on, you put it in the oven and you cook it for five minutes and then you take it out and then put the peanut butter on and eat it.

Parks: I would throw it in the oven for 10 hours (at) 1,000 degrees … Sometimes I throw in the freezer for 100 or 99 percent … If it has ice all over it, I would get something to break off the ice and then I would heat up the turkey, and if it was a single hot, then I would throw it back in the freezer.

Where would you get your turkey from?

Andrew: I know a store that’s in Georgia called the turkey store, it only has turkey. With ice cream — what I said. That’s all they have. Their ice-cream turkey pops are yum, there’s 12 in a box.

Sophia: I think Kroger.

Jakayla: Walmart.

Emily: Probably Publix.

Parks: I will go to the woods and kill it.

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