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Edalyn Crawford admired a piece of art in the Jan Dempsey Art Center for the first ever yART sale by the Auburn Arts Association Saturday.

The Auburn Arts Association held its first yART sale fundraiser Saturday morning despite the rainy weather that hung over the Jan Dempsey Art Center.

Paintings hung on the wall, jewelry on the tables and eclectic pieces of art filled the center as shoppers browsed.

“It’s just been really fun to see people come in and to collect things and to (see) people’s eyes light up,” said Sarah Roland, public relations intern.

The idea for a yART sale came to the arts association after a member of the community passed away and held a yard sale. All leftover art pieces were then donated to the Auburn Arts Association.

With a larger number of art pieces in hand, someone suggested a yard sale, or more specifically, a yART sale.

More pieces were donated and the sale grew.

“There’s something for everyone,” said Emily Klinkenborg, member of the Auburn Arts Association.

Some of the pieces sat on the tables for 25 cents, paintings on the wall came up around $20.

The event was a success, with a lot of members of the Auburn community stopping by. The association’s Laura Kloberg said members are considering continuing the event next year.

“We’re all having a fun time with it,” she said. “And a lot of people said ‘I wish I’d known, I would have donated some art.’”

Kloberg said that through art at the sale she was able to connect with other people.

“You might look at something and go ‘ehh’ and then somebody else comes along and … just so excited about something,” she said.

Kloberg met someone at the sale who had the same taste in art as her.

“I made a new friend today,” she said. “And that’s way cool, because I’m not a traditional art creator and so when you run into somebody who thinks kind of like you do and differently like you do … that connection is just super.”

For more information, visit https://auburnarts.org/.

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