Welcome to Auburn

The city of Auburn is hosting a design competition for students to design new entryways and "welcome to Auburn signs."

People know they’ve reached Auburn city limits when they see signs stating: “Welcome to Auburn Home of Auburn University.”

Several signs around the city are getting old and run-down, however, and City Manager Jim Buston said it’s time to renovate them by drawing on ideas from students.

“We were looking at needing to do something with our ‘Welcome to Auburn’ signs,” said Scott Cummings, executive director of development services for the city of Auburn. “The signs are somewhat dated, needed to be cleaned, needed to be some repair done, we needed to do some maintenance and replacing some of the vegetation around there.”

Students can submit their designs until May 22 at the city of Auburn’s website.

Some classes at Auburn University even considered having students submit designs as part of classwork, Cummings said.

“There are a lot of design students at Auburn University taking various classes in architecture or marketing and stuff like that, so we thought we’d open it up in a competition to see if any students wanted to get involved,” Buston said.

“The gateway could be signage, it could be vegetation, a combination,” he said. “Just, we’re interested to see what ideas students could bring forth for us to begin to look at.”

There are not many specific guidelines, Cummings said, as city officials want to see what students have to offer. However, the guidelines do ask students to avoid water features like fountains.

“Each gateway could have its own identity built out of a singular concept,” he said. “Then that would allow us to use similar gateway entrances to Auburn for our primary and secondary, with the thought being that when you came through that gateway, it would give people a sense of arrival to Auburn.”

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