Auburn City Hall

Auburn City Council voted on criminal trespassing, a contract for signage and wayfinding in addition to a discussion on naming businesses during Tuesday's council meeting.

Imagine someone jumped in a vehicle that wasn’t theirs and wouldn’t leave.

One gentleman apparently is making this a habit in the city of Auburn, and City Council is ready to make amends to a city ordinance to help outlaw the action, officials said.

Ordinance amendment

“The Public Safety Department has been inundated recently with complaints about one gentleman who continually asks citizens (primarily young college females) to assist him in jump-starting his disabled vehicle,” said a memorandum from James McLaughlin, presiding judge of Auburn Municipal Court, to City Manager Jim Buston.

“Once the unwary citizen agrees and opens their car door to pull the vehicle around, the perpetrator gets in the car and then tells the driver the car is ‘just around the corner.’ However, there is no car, and the perpetrator usually gets the driver merely to chauffeur him around, most times stopping to purchase drugs, before he exits the vehicle.”

During Tuesday’s council meeting, members will vote on amending city code, chapter 13. By amending the code, entering a vehicle without consent would become criminal trespassing.

A public hearing will be required, along with unanimous consent.

The ordinance will define criminal trespass, along with under what section a violator would be punished.

“[Criminal trespassing would include] Purposely or knowingly enters any unlocked vehicle or any part of an unlocked vehicle either (A) without permission or (B) with permission obtained through false pretenses, deception, or other misrepresentation; (2) by force, stealth or other deception enters or attempts to enter any locked vehicle or locked compartment of a vehicle; or (3) remains in any vehicle after being lawfully asked to leave,” the amended ordinance would say, should it pass.

Signage, wayfinding

Council also will vote Tuesday on a contract with Gonzalez-Strength & Associates, Inc.

The contract would include wayfinding and new signs for the new Public Safety Building, the Municipal Complex and Auburn Parks and Recreation.

Though the contract is for a total of $55,500, it is split into three different aspects.

“The first proposal is for $22,500 and is for signage and wayfinding for the new Public Safety building as well as for the remainder of the Douglas J. Watson Municpal Complex and connections to the Glenn Avenue parking lot and Felton Little Park,” said a memorandum from Rebecca Richardson, parks and recreation director, to Buston.

The second portion of the contract is assigned to Auburn Parks and Recreation for $22,500.

“The goal of the project is to create consistent signage for all Parks and Recreation facilities,” the memorandum said. “This will include entrance signage as well as interior/wayfinding signage. With new facilities beginning construction, the need for this project has increased. Existing facilities will also be included.”

Finally, downtown Auburn is the third portion of the contract included for $10,500.

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