The Beat Bama Food Drive concluded for the 26th year with the University of Alabama on top.

“Raising awareness and giving back to this community so rooted in family values is an amazing opportunity to serve — one that I hold dear and treasure as president,” said Ashlyn Payne, the Beat Bama Food Drive president.

The drive finished up Nov. 21, and Alabama won for the second year in a row. It raised 278,788 pounds over Auburn’s 229,361 pounds.

Auburn’s charity results are delivered to the Food Bank of East Alabama.

“People suffer from hunger and food insecurity when they do not have the money to purchase nutritionally adequate food,” the website said. “More than 15 percent of Alabama residents live in poverty. In some counties in our service area, the number rises to almost 30 percent — one out of every three residents.”

Donations were accepted in areas both on and off Auburn University’s campus.

On-campus locations were easy for students to find such as in the Quad Center, near dorms, in Lowder and the student center.

Community members could donate around the city.

Auburn Mayor Ron Anders and City Council members offered their support by bringing canned goods to city council.

“We congratulate the University of Alabama on their win in this friendly competition — but the honest truth is that there are only winners in this competition,” the Food Bank of East Alabama announced on its Facebook page with the official results. “Together we raised more than half a million pounds of food for our neighbors in need.”

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