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A Beulah High School football player is in good spirits after a spinal injury scare that occurred during the Bobcats’ practice on Wednesday.

The unidentified player went down with an injury after a play and complained of losing feeling in his arm as well as spinal discomfort. At that point, coaches called emergency services, which transported the player to Piedmont Columbus Regional in Columbus, Georgia.

Beulah head coach Matt Johnson said on Thursday that the player’s prognosis is positive.

“They did all the tests and different scans and x-rays. Everything’s good. He’s good to go,” Johnson said. “He’ll be out for a while, but there’s no structural damage or fractures or any spinal injuries or anything like that. He’s good.”

Johnson stressed the importance of having an emergency action plan, which he, the other Beulah coaches, Beulah’s trainer and the other Bobcats’ players put into motion Wednesday.

Johnson said the coaches and teachers practice those plans for a number of different health-related situations, and the attention to detail paid by everyone involved prevented the situation from being worse than it ultimately was.

“It’s important to not take it lightly. Don’t say, ‘Well, it’s never going to happen to us.’ Well, this happened to us (Wednesday),” Johnson said. “It’s kind of scary, but we reviewed the plan and used it, and it turned out for the good. It’s extremely important to be very cautious with this, have a plan and be able to execute it.”

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