The Lee County Commission has approved a six-figure partnership with the cities of Auburn and Opelika and Auburn University to better coordinate public services.

The commission gave the go-ahead Monday night for a $504,716 contract with Kucera International’s photogrammetric services to use light-imaging detection, aerial photographs and satellite images to create maps.

“Each partner has slightly different needs for the data, but it’s used for things like community planning, assessments, modeling runoff, transportation networking, public safety operations and many, many other uses,” said Christopher Graff, chief information officer for the city of Auburn

Graff will be the local point man working with Kucera. The agreement will also be discussed at the Nov. 5 city council meetings for the cities of Auburn and Opelika.

Lee County will pay the largest sum of the bill at $217,075.22, the city of Auburn will pay $182,809.96, Opelika will pay $92,976.59 and Auburn University will pay $11,854.23. The work is slated to be complete by September 2020.

In other business, the four-year project to replace the old heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system at the Lee County Detention Center is done. commissioners were told. The last phase of the $1.2 million project was slated to cost $80,000, but the final bill was just under $28,000. The leftover funds - just over $52,000 - will be returned to the county's coffers.

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