Jay Gogue could take a step closer to coming back to the Auburn University campus full time this week.

The University Senate, made up of campus faculty, will meet Tuesday afternoon in Broun Auditorium to discuss the pros and cons of Gogue resuming the job he retired from in 2017. His successor, Steven Leath, resigned in June.

Trustees President Pro Tem Wayne Smith announced at the board’s Nov. 22 meeting that a decision should come by the board’s February 2020 meeting regarding how much longer Gogue will have the word “interim” in front of his title.

“… Between now and the next meeting, we will go through correct process and be back at next meeting with a recommendation for what we should do about the ‘interim,’” Smith said.

The faculty body announced last week that it would do its part to help move the process along.

“After the BOT (board of trustees) made the proposal to remove the interim designation from interim President Jay Gogue’s title at the November BOT meeting, we decided to have an open forum where the faculty will have the opportunity to express their views on this matter since the shared governance requires this,” said Chair of the University Senate Nedret Billor in an email to the Opelika-Auburn News.

“Requesting all stakeholders’ input on this matter is an important positive step to encourage and strengthen faculty communication with the BOT,” concluded Billor.

Gogue hasn’t said publicly whether he wants his old job back or not; however, he was clearly flattered when Smith and other board members used the Nov. 22 board meeting to praise his performance since coming back.

“It’s very kind of you to say that, but please do respect the rules of the university with regard to finding and hiring presidents,” Gogue told the trustees.

An administration source, speaking on background, said this week that Gogue’s 2007-17 tenure was marked by good relations with the board, state legislators and faculty, and it is believed that trustees want him to come back full time to oversee Auburn’s long-term planning.

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