Students at Auburn High School have finally realized their huge goal of building a tiny house.

The students have been working on this project for three years; finally, on Tuesday night, there was a ribbon- cutting. Built onto a trailer with white finishes and wood paneling, the house comes equipped with appliances like a range stove top, washer and dryer, along with space for a couch, bed and finished bathroom. The house itself is approximately 220 square feet.

Senior Sam Hinson helped build the home, and he was gratified to see it finished and ready for sale.

“I saw this class on the schedule book, and I was like, ‘This sounds pretty interesting,’” said Hinson, whose family is design involved. “… It was an awesome class to be in; you’re working with your hands. It’s unlike any other class you’re going to have here at the school.”

Tiny houses have gained traction in recent years for their portability, the minimal living style and HGTV’s promotion of the way of life. This is the first tiny house in the state of Alabama built fully by students, said Laura Bailey, director of current technical education for Auburn High School. The building construction class, which completed the house, is taught by Jess Bowlin, who is an Auburn University alum.

Guests packed into the school’s back parking lot Tuesday to watch the students put on the finishing touches inside the house.

“For all of the things that I have learned about design and construction, I have learned far more about creativity, commitment, hard work, long hours, work ethic, passion and the power of a group of people,” said Cristen Herring, superintendent of Auburn City Schools.

Now that the house is finished, it is for sale. Bidding begins at $30,000, and the proceeds will be used to further the career tech program at the school. Bidding will end Nov. 23.

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