Lewis Cooper Jr. Memorial library

The "murder mystery" event is one of the new events the library is introducing to attract teenage patrons.

Local teens looking for an alternative to the upcoming weekend’s Valentine’s Day festivities can find it at the Lewis Cooper Jr. Memorial Library.

Sixth-graders and above are invited to the library’s first Teen Murder Mystery Evening at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

“We just wanted to have an event for teens that maybe didn’t necessarily want to celebrate Valentine’s Day,” said Malisa Hason, the library’s youth specialist. “(This) gives them something fun to do that doesn’t have anything to do with the holiday.”

Set up like a party, everyone in attendance will be assigned a character as they arrive and start mingling among the others. At some point, the victim will make their appearance and everyone will begin trying to figure out “who done it.”

There will be light refreshments during the event, and the staff encourages those interested in participating to register beforehand through the library’s Facebook page.

Walk-ins will be welcome on the day of the event, and admission is free.

Hanson will be introducing more events and activities in the upcoming months, specifically directed toward teenage patrons.

“We just really want them to know that they can come to the library, where it’s a safe space for them. They can just come and hang out,” she said. “And it’s not necessarily about books — of course we want them to read — but really, we just want them to know that they’re welcome here and we have things for them to do.”

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