The Flower Bed

Lauryn Rogers and The Flower Bed outside of Therapy Boutique on Aug. 16. 

Lauryn Rogers has always had an interest in flowers and floral arrangements. She and her husband, Bradon, had discussed owning a flower truck for a long time, but the couple just hadn’t made it happen.

“There’d been a discussion for many years about how cool it would be to have a little flower truck, or just load the truck down with flowers and go downtown or go to events and try to make people happy,” Bradon said.

A nice surprise

Seeing his wife’s passion, Bradon quietly began searching out the perfect truck. Lauryn said she didn’t even know Bradon was looking for a truck, so it was a surprise to her.

“I kind of pushed the button to make sure it all happened and kind of helped her live out her dream a little bit,” Bradon said. “Other than that it’s been kind of her thing, she’s made it real and she’s the talent, so she’s what makes it awesome.”

They transported their new business from Tampa, Florida, and Lauryn transformed it into The Flower Bed – now a local floral truck in Auburn.

“She’s excited,” Bradon said. “She’s smiling all the time. It’s fun to watch her when she’s got her hands knee deep in floral work and she just – I think she’s fulfilled by it.”

The Flower Bed is not just for the occasional Saturday in downtown – Lauryn also uses it to cater to events like prom. Additionally, she offers services such as subscription flowers, which can be delivered to a location once a month.

Whenever a day with the truck is finished, Lauryn said they like to take the leftover flowers to nursing homes.

While Lauryn enjoys the truck, The Flower Bed is not a full-time business. There are not set hours or locations where patrons can find the truck.

“It’s more of just part of my heart to do this,” Lauryn said. “I’m not trying to turn it into a crazy business. It’s just something that I want to bring that joy to people.”

Making the rounds

The Flower Bed participated in two events in August. One of those took place on Aug. 9 for Auburn University’s first move-in day and also Charming Oaks’ fourth birthday celebration. The other happened last Friday, which was bid day for sororities.

During the Aug. 9 appearance, Lauryn said many of the customers were parents or boyfriends buying flowers for their girls who were going to be starting rush.

Preparing the flowers for the truck requires a lot of work. Lauryn said she first has to consider which flowers she will buy. Sometimes she will order flowers from California, but often she uses local retailers such as Halls Wholesale Floral Company in Opelika or florists in Montgomery and Atlanta.

A long-term goal for Lauryn and The Flower Bed is to find local growers who can supply her flowers.

“A friend of mine that is actually our landscaper, we’re working on just preparing some of her land to plant, different things that I could cut from during the season,” Lauryn said.

After she buys the flowers, they have to be prepared. This involves cutting the flowers, freshening, labeling and finding a place to store them.

Lauryn, who is also a mom, said that although her children take first priority, they often enjoy helping with the business. Her oldest is a senior in high school, the middle child is 14 and the youngest is 12.

“So far I haven’t had any trouble with it interfering in my family life versus the truck events,” Lauryn said.

Spreading smiles

One of the more difficult aspects of the truck and business for Lauryn is having to step out of her comfort zone, she said. Her friends and husband encourage her, however, through those insecurities.

“The response from people, that’s also helped me be like, ‘OK, this is fun,’” Lauryn said. “Even if it’s just one person to say, ‘Hey, that put a smile on my face’ or ‘This makes me so happy.’ I’m like ‘OK, then that is why I wanted to do this.”

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