Opelika City Hall

The Opelika City Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Opelika City Council is set to review the rezoning requests for three properties, each with the potential to bring more opportunities for development to the city, during its next meeting Tuesday.

Twenty-two acres near 1203 Crawford Road could be reclassified as a light commercial district, potentially being used for office or retail space. According to the request, there is a house on the property along with a commercial use shop; both in need of major renovations.

The request also notes that a contractor has already shown interest in building offices on the property.

A single-family home district is proposed for the 150 acres near 2015 South Uniroyal Road. The property is already classified as a residential district, but its specific rezoning request asks that it be changed to a Planned Unit Development.

The Planning Commission voted to allow the request to be brought before the council, with added recommendations. The party set to develop the property into a PUD, Drakes Landing Homeowners, must install underground utilities, sidewalks and “relocate the street stub out shown at the north property line to align with the proposed street shown on the Master Plan.”

The last request asks that the 32.45 acres near 2899 Gateway Drive also be reclassified a PUD.

Currently part of a commercial zoning district, the request details potential uses for the property. There are two lots slated for restaurant use, two lots for hotels to be built, one for a gas station and one lot for retail use.

Similarly to the South Uniroyal Road request, the Planning Commission voted to allow it to be brought before the council, pending the developer takes their added recommendations into account.

The gas station must be limited to six pumps, parking be limited to 10 spaces and the proposed sign has to adhere to the city’s requirements for freestanding signs. The developer also must have 24-hour security that monitors truck parking and work with the city to “mitigate traffic congestion” in the area.

Opelika city council will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall in the municipal chambers.

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