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Opelika city officials have concluded that an allegation of racist comments by one of its police officers cannot be substantiated.

Mayor Gary Fuller issued a statement Monday announcing that no action would be taken regarding the allegation, which was reported by another officer on May 29. The city announced its investigation of the incident two weeks later.

“The officer accused of the misconduct denied the allegations. All employees present at the time were interviewed about the matter through an internal investigation which included the Human Resources Department.

“The evidence in this matter has been thoroughly investigated. As a result of the investigation, the city concluded that based on a preponderance of evidence, the alleged misconduct could not be substantiated. Accordingly, no disciplinary action is appropriate,” Fuller stated.

Fuller’s statement goes on to point out that all city employees are required to participate in workplace violence, sexual harassment and diversity and inclusiveness training.

The mayor added that the use of racially offensive and harassing language against any employee “violates the city’s personnel policies and constitutes misconduct of the most serious nature.”

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