Opelika looking into transportation study to reduce traffic congestion

A proposed agreement for a regional transportation study could help clear the traffic congestion in areas like Pepperell Parkway, Frederick Road and Gateway Drive.

If commuting through Pepperell Parkway, Frederick Road or Gateway Drive presents a daily headache, you may soon find relief. During its Tuesday meeting, Opelika’s City Council will be reviewing an agreement for a regional transportation study.

Skipper Consulting, an engineering firm based in Birmingham that specializes in traffic engineering and transportation planning, would preside over the study.

Its services are estimated to cost $43,800. The scope of the firm’s evaluation could possibly extend to Thomason Drive and Veterans Parkway, alleviating traffic congestion in those areas as well.

If the agreement with Skipper Consulting is approved by the council, the study would be completed in two parts.

First, a transportation planning study would be used to evaluate “the roadway cross-sections for the study roadways” in the areas participating in the study.

Next, a traffic operations study would be conducted to “identify any potential traffic impacts” that could come from the Thomason Drive and Veterans Parkway Extensions that have previously been proposed. This stage of the study would be evaluated over a 5-, 10- and 20-year time frame.

Another agreement will be presented to council, involving the drainage system of a property owned by Intellivest, Inc. located at 504 South 6th St.

According to the proposed agreement, the current culvert in the drainage area “allows water to flow under Columbus Parkway from one side to the other,” which causes Intellivest’ s property and the roadway to flood “multiple times a year.”

Since the city owns the drainage system, the proposed agreement calls for it and Intellivest to share the project costs of having a new culvert built, estimated to amount to $537,000.

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