Opelika City Hall

The Opelika City Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Taking its Tree City USA title to heart, Opelika City Council approved a $90,000 proposal from Natural Resource Consulting during its Tuesday evening meeting at city hall.

The organization offered its arborist services to the city for the year, among them are developing a plan to plant more trees in the city, removing and pruning existing trees as well as developing educational initiatives centered around forestry. The $90,000 payment will be made “as services are rendered,” rather than in one lump sum.

More than 100 trees are anticipated to be planted around the city with the NRC’s assistance. One objective within NRC’s plan is to work with Keep Opelika Beautiful to strengthen the tree commission.

The council approved an $84,000 agreement with ESG Engineering Inc. to upgrade the disinfection equipment at Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant, and amended the city’s agreement with Constantine Engineering.

Originally, Constantine Engineering was providing “engineering, design and construction services” for the Westside Wastewater Treatment Plant, but according to amendment details “there have been material changes to the Project which have necessitated a change order.”

To make the necessary changes, the cost of the project will increase by $125,000.

Upon completion, Eastside Wastewater Treatment Plant will be treating six million gallons per day, instead of four million.

Other business

A request for the 3.2 acres near Dickson Street, which was purchased by Southern Union State College in November, to be reclassified for institutional use was brought before the council for a first reading. Southern Union currently has no plans for the land’s use.

The council denied a public hearing request for the rezoning of 22.2 acres at 1203 Crawford Road.

The amended Wyndham PUD Master Plan was approved.

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