Opelika City Council

Opelika City Council meets tonight at 7.

Two infrastructural project agreements will be reviewed for approval by the Opelika City Council at its Tuesday meeting, including one for construction of another traffic roundabout.

Both agreements are with the state department of transportation, the first for the construction of a roundabout near Columbus Parkway, which according to the agreement, will involve the “construction of intersection improvements” on 4th, 6th and 7th Streets.

Additionally, federal funds have been allotted for the project, with the city contributing $198,300 to the project’s almost $2 million total.

The second agreement sets out to improve the conditions of Pepperell Parkway “from the extents of the intersection of Lowndes Street to West End Court…and all roadways in between.”

The project has been budgeted for $252,000, with federal funds covering to bulk of the cost (pending the city’s application for them) at $201,600 and the city paying $50,400.

Also on the agenda, an ordinance set for review involves the creation of art murals on private property and buildings, but prohibiting graffiti.

The council has indicated it wants to establish guidelines for the murals.

Such guidelines include prohibition of adult or obscene content, gang symbols, copyrighted likenesses and the placement of murals on single or multifamily home sites. Temporary art created with chalk or water-soluble paint would be exempt from these guidelines.

The murals can be general or historic in their subject matter, so long as they are “harmonious” with the neighborhood.

The amendment adds that murals placed in a historic district will have to be pre-designated by the Opelika Historic Preservation Commission or have an accompanying certificate of appropriateness from the commission.

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