Tiffany Gibson-Pitts has announced her campaign for mayor of Opelika. While representing Ward 2 on city council, she has felt she’d be better able to move the city forward “by being part of the day-to-day operations.

“As a native Opelikan who has traveled abroad,” she said. “I feel that my travel, education, and life experiences have equipped me to be an effective leader who values community involvement, actively listens, and seeks to understand the perspectives of all people.”

Her commitment to the community and desire to bring innovative progress to the city is what inspired her to run for mayor. As mayor, Gibson- Pitts said she would aspire towards a more progressive and inclusive type of leadership where everyone’s voice is heard, “regardless of age, gender, race, or socio-economic background.”

“It is my desire to create a city-wide youth advisory council, young professional council, as well as, one for our seniors,” she saidd. “All groups will be reflective of our city and will assist with the planning of activities and enhancing the overall experience of living in Opelika.”

While the city has enjoyed the growth of small businesses over the last decade, Gibson-Pitts said she believes that it’s important to assist them in maintaining their strength.

Partnering with local groups and organizations like Opelika City Schools, Chamber of Commerce and Southern Union State Community College could bring more opportunities for local entrepreneurs, she said.

Affordable housing has been a concern for many people in the area.

“We have a solid job market,” Gibson-Pitts said. “However, many individuals are still unable to purchase a home due to high costs.”

She said that the city itself should offer incentives to developers to build affordable homes in the community.

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