The Alabama state Senate has confirmed Auburn University trustees James Pratt, Clark Sahlie and B.T Roberts to another term on the board. Members of the board serve seven-year terms, with nine representing Alabama congressional districts and five others serving at-large.

Pratt earned a bachelor’s degree in English literature from Auburn in 1972 and a law degree from Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in 1978. He leads James Pratt LLC in Birmingham. He began representing the 9th District in April 2012.

Sahlie is a partner with North McDonough Properties in Montgomery. He earned a Bachelor of Science in business administration degree from Auburn in 1988. Sahlie was confirmed to represent the 2nd District in April 2012.

Roberts, a 1972 Auburn graduate in industrial management, began serving on the board in April 2012, representing District 1. He is the president of Roberts Brothers Commercial & Property Management in Mobile and former chairman of the board of the New Orleans branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Pratt, Sahlie and Roberts were named recently by the Auburn University Trustee Selection Committee, which forwarded names to the state Senate for approval.

Preston Sparks works for the Auburn University Office of Communications and Marketing.

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