Auburn’s City Council voted this week to approve an expansion of one of the city’s most popular downtown bars, Skybar.

Skybar’s expansion will include a third floor for storage as well as more restrooms, a waterfall and fire fountain for the second floor.

The proposed expansion was postponed from the Jan. 21 meeting and again at the Feb. 4 meeting. The council had not received enough detailed information at either meeting to vote on the issue.

Pat Grider, the owner of Skybar, made his case to the council Tuesday for the expansion.

Skybar has a 2,500-person capacity, Grider said, though it rarely fills up completely.

The second-floor area would be used more like a quiet zone, Grider explained, for people who want to get away from the rowdiness of the rest of the bar.

“Because we have so much entertainment in all the rest of the place, this is more going to be like for people who just want to get away from the crowd and just sit outside,” Grider said. “And it’s good because you can look forward and you can still see the campus ... ”

The noise level is high in the bar and the waterfall could help muffle noise for the surrounding properties near the new second-floor area, he said.

“A lot of people like to take pictures and selfies when they graduate and stuff, so it would be a great little thing for people when they graduate, to take pictures with the waterfall and fire fountain,” Grider said.

The Planning Commission approved the expansion Jan. 9. Although the council held a public hearing on the matter, no residents spoke for or against the expansion.

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