A young boy injured and orphaned on Dec. 16 when an EF2 tornado hit Town Creek, killing both his parents, is off a ventilator and now breathing on his own, according to a post Wednesday on the “PRAY for Landen” Facebook page.

Landen Godsey, 8, still has a feeding tube and a cast on one of his arms, and he is able to track visitors with his eyes, but, he is not able to communicate yet, and is not fully awake.

Godsey's parents, Keisha and Chase Godsey, were killed by the twister.

Fundraising efforts are still underway.

“PRAY for Landen” Facebook page post:

“As of today 1/8/2020 Landen is off of the ventilator and breathing on his own using a trach. He has a feeding tube and still has his cast from a fracture on his left arm. Which we are praying and hopeful he will get off in a week or so. He started Rehab and physical Therapy yesterday and although we are being told it is a slow long process with his type of head injuries he is stable and making small improvements daily. He is still not able to communicate although at times he does track us with his eyes . He is still not fully awake but is getting stronger everyday. Please keep him in your prayers as the first few days of therapy will be new and tough for him and please specifically pray that he fully wakes up and gains more and more strength each day! Thank you all for everything!”

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