MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A state appeals court upheld the death sentence Friday of a man convicted of capital murder in a gang-related killing in north Alabama.

The Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals rejected claims by Peter Capote, who was convicted in the 2016 killing of Ki-Jana Freeman and sentenced to die in 2018.

Capote was a member of the Almighty Imperial Gangsters and killed the 19-year-old Freeman in retaliation for the alleged theft of an Xbox video game console that belonged to another member, the decision said.

The teen was shot to death outside apartments in Tuscumbia, and another youth who was in the car with Freeman at the time was shot 13 times but survived, evidence showed.

Judges rejected Capote's claims that the death sentence is too harsh for the crime, noting that another man convicted in the killing also was sentenced to die. The court also dismissed Capote's argument that there wasn't enough evidence for jurors to convict him.

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