Smoking Ban Auburn University 01

An Auburn University student smokes while walking through campus on Tuesday. "I'm smoking while I can," the student who asked to remain anonymous said. Auburn University approved a non-smoking policy for it's campus. The University said visitors will be asked to put out their tobacco smoke if found smoking on campus property. (Albert Cesare/Opelika-Auburn News)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) — A proposal before Alabama lawmakers would fine people who smoke in a vehicle when a child is present.

The bill by Rep. Rolanda Hollis would make it illegal to smoke tobacco in a car when a child aged 14 or younger is present. Violators would be fined $100.

Hollis said an adult has a choice whether to smoke or get out of a car when someone is smoking. She said a child does not have a choice.

Hollis said 11 states have similar laws.

A similar bill was introduced last year but did not win final approval.

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