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A five-member team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention arrived in Alabama last week to assist the state with the growing coronavirus pandemic. The visit comes as the state is experiencing some of its highest coronavirus case counts to date. 

The team consists of an epidemiologist, a medical epidemiologist, and epidemiologist/data analyst, a risk communicator, and an informatics/visualization specialist.

According to reports, the team came to Alabama at the request of the Alabama Department of Public Health, and are expected to leave around July 3.

“The expertise of these public health professionals will further our staff’s abilities to assess our processes and will help guide us in our efforts to protect the public during this pandemic,” State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris said in statement. We are grateful for the partnerships we have with CDC and other authorities at the local, state and federal levels.”

The CDC team will work with ADPH on streamlining COVID-19 reporting, developing county-level indicators, recommend any needed interventions and develop and review outreaching and communication messages, ADPH said.

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