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Officials investigate claim of officer impersonation

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a claim that someone is impersonating a law enforcement officer in Lee County. Read more

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Bolton book pressures GOP to allow Senate witnesses

Bolton writes in the forthcoming book that Trump told him that he wanted to withhold hundreds of millions of dollars in security aid from Ukraine until it helped him with investigations into Biden. Trump's legal team has repeatedly insisted otherwise. Read more


Photos: Outpouring of grief follows news of Kobe Bryant's death

News of Bryant’s death inspired an outpouring of grief around the sports world and beyond, but it was felt particularly painfully in Los Angeles, where Bryant was unquestionably the most popular athlete and one of the city’s most beloved public figu… Read more


Survivors return to Auschwitz 75 years after liberation

Auschwitz was liberated by the Soviet army on Jan. 27, 1945. Read more


In appreciation: Kobe Bryant, a life defined by hard work

Basketball was his obsession for 20 years in the NBA. Storytelling was the obsession for the rest of his life. Read more