This column is going to be about Auburn basketball, drones, action figures, our will, Linus and Oliver, in that order.

First a word about Auburn basketball. I moved to Auburn in the fall of 1998, and that year Auburn basketball was incredible. Led by the high flying Chris Porter, the Tigers won the SEC Championship, and though I remember hearing at the time this was something that had not happened in 39 years, I kind of assumed it happened all the time. Well it doesn’t, and there have been some lean years since that magical season, but we were at the Kentucky game a couple weeks ago, and the Alabama game a few nights later, and though Auburn’s not going to win the SEC this year, I don’t think we’ll have to wait another 39 years to see Bruce Pearl and the Tigers cut down the nets.

Speaking of winning, I won $260 in an NFL pick’em pool this year. I told Tricia since this was money I won, I was going to do whatever I wanted to with it, and what I wanted to do was buy a drone. She said I could not buy a drone, so instead I spent almost all of it on vintage Star Wars action figures — this is not a joke — then my parents ended up buying me a drone for Christmas. Who says you can’t have it all!

The drone was awesome. I say was because it is currently in my neighbor’s tree, and I’m not sure I’ll ever get to play with it again. When her car is gone later, I’ll try throwing a golf club up there to knock it out, but I fear it’s gone forever. (Update: I got it down, but nearly lost a finger in the process. Totally worth it!)

Life is brief, as my drone illustrates, so Tricia and I finally got a will last week. A real will that will replace the email I sent to my attorney friend Rodney last year when Tricia and I flew to Key West. It said, “If we die from over consumption of key lime pie, make sure my action figure collection is donated to a toy museum.” Nancy Davis doesn’t seem overly concerned about my toy collection. She kept asking me where our money and kids would go if something happened to us. But here’s the thing, I’ll let just about anyone hold my kids, but I’ve a very short list of people who can touch my toys, and Linus and Oliver are not on it. The boys can have all our money, but my toys, well, they’re going to have to prove themselves responsible.

Speaking of the boys, a few folks told me they enjoyed last week’s column, and were sad to read about Linus growing up. Well good news, last Sunday when we dropped Oliver off at the church nursery, he cried for the first time when we walked away. Sweet boy, he knows how to make his parents feel good by making them feel bad.

Chad Gibbs resides in Auburn and is the author of “God & Football,” “Love Thy Rival” and “Jesus Without Borders.” To learn more about Gibbs’ projects and to purchase his books, visit

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