Do you want to feel old? No? Well I’m going to make you feel old anyway so get ready. Linus turned 3 years old this Friday. You read that correctly. Linus, who I swear just turned 2 six months ago, turned 3 this week. This also marks the three-year anniversary of my O-A News column. That’s 156 columns at 500 words per column for a total of somewhere in the neighborhood of 78,000 words. Or, to put it another way, more words than any of my three books.

Now a few words about Linus on his third birthday. He’s a sweet boy. He likes to give hugs, even to complete strangers on occasion, and when I take him and Oliver for walks in the afternoon, he flirts unmercifully with every co-ed we pass. He even shouted at some woman today that he liked her shoes, which might be considered harassment if he wasn’t 3.

He is a master staller when it comes to bedtime. When his mother rocks him to sleep at night, he’ll always insist on walking back down the hall to give me a goodnight kiss. However he walks down the hall backwards, because he knows that takes longer. Then he’ll say he doesn’t want to rock anymore, so Tricia will put him in bed, but then he’ll cry to be rocked more, so I’ll get him out and rock him. And when I finally put him in his crib and go to close the door he’ll insist his mother close the door instead, so I’ll call for Tricia, but by the time she reaches his room he will have changed his mind and wants me to close the door. Sure we’re enabling this weird bedtime ritual, but I don’t care, it’ll be sad when he no longer wants rocked and closes his own door.

Linus loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, blueberries, hotdogs, wrestling with his brother, sleeping with at least two dozen toys in his crib, my iPhone, his mother’s iPhone, any iPhone he can get his hands on, our dogs Bob and Harper, playing outside, dancing, Aubie, his grandparents and cousins, balloons, Children’s Day Out (thought not at much as his father), Star Wars (also not as much as his father), bubble baths and really long bedtime prayers that delay bedtime just a little longer.

Linus hates chicken (unless it comes from Burger King), most vegetables, sitting in his booster seat, the one sip of Sprite I let him have, laying down for naps, waking up from naps, long car trips, when his mother leaves for work, Sesame Street (sorry Big Bird) and the very idea of potty training (though again not as much as his father).

I used to worry about being a stay-at-home dad. Not that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but that staying home with me would somehow mess up our kids. But thankfully I can report that at 3 years old Linus is pretty much awesome, except for the whole growing up too fast thing. He really needs to work on that. Happy Birthday Mr. Pookie!

Chad Gibbs resides in Auburn and is the author of “God & Football,” “Love Thy Rival” and “Jesus Without Borders.” To learn more about Gibbs’ projects and to purchase his books, visit

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