This will be my last weekly column for the O-A News. It was not a decision I reached lightly — okay, that’s a lie — last week during dinner I told Tricia I didn’t think I wanted to write this column anymore, and she said, “No one is making you write it, pass the butter please.” So the next morning I emailed Tonya, who edits these columns so you don’t have to know how poor my spelling and grammar truly are, and told her I’d ran out of things to say.

That’s part of the reason I’ll no longer be writing a weekly column. Early on there were plenty of things to write about. Linus or Oliver would do something on Monday and an hour later I would have already written the column in my head. But in recent months I’ve found myself opening a blank word document only to stare at it not knowing what to type. Part of this stems from the fact that staying home with two babies has done irreversible damage to my brain. But mostly, I hope, I can’t think of anything to write because nothing really happened. After a while staying home with kids, you hit a routine, and no one wants to read about my routine. Only when crazy stuff breaks us out of our routine do I have something really interesting to write about, and crazy stuff doesn’t happen every week, thank the Lord.

But that’s not all. I’m also aware that the boys, particularly Linus, are growing up and making friends. So I could write about our recent adventures in potty training, or the comment Linus made last week about a particular part of his anatomy that had Tricia and I both laughing so hard we cried, but I don’t think I should. Because what if on the first day of kindergarten a bunch of O-A News reading bullies confront Linus with the most embarrassing moments from his young life and then take his lunch money? Okay, sure, that’s a little far-fetched. But even so, I’ve decided there are things the boys have said and done that, when they’re older, they’d rather not have a bunch of strangers know about. That said, oh man I wish I could tell you what Linus said last week about…sorry, I just can’t.

So the bad news (or good news if you hate reading about men changing diapers) is that this is my last weekly column. But the good news is the fine folks at the O-A News said I can continue writing about my boys once a month, and I hope to write a new column the first Sunday of each month at least until the boys are in school, at which point I’ll be too busy playing golf and relaxing by the pool to write a column any more.

And now, without getting overly sentimental, let me say thank you to everyone who read these columns the last three years. I’ve had a blast sharing my adventures in fatherhood with you all, and I just wish I could tell you what Linus…no, I said I wouldn’t. But trust me, it was hilarious.

Chad Gibbs resides in Auburn and is the author of “God & Football,” “Love Thy Rival” and “Jesus Without Borders.” To learn more about Gibbs’ projects and to purchase his books, visit

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