While the Auburn University football season has not gone as well as fans would hope, there’s still plenty of football left to be played and plenty of hope that Malzahn & Co. will continue to bring glory to the Power of Dixieland.

As fans consider what the Tigers will need to do to beat cross-state rival the University of Alabama, we’d like to suggest that everyone put some thought, energy and effort into another game in town that everybody can play, one in which everyone wins.

It’s the Beat Bama Food Drive, a head-to-head contest in which Auburn fans compete against Alabama fans for the distinction of collecting the most non-perishable food for their local food bank.

Last year, the Tuscaloosa effort collected 300,049 pounds of food for the West Alabama Food Bank, besting to Auburn’s 198,041 pounds for the Food Bank of East Alabama, so the traveling trophy has been housed in the student union building at the University of Alabama since the winner was announced during last year’s Iron Bowl.

It’s the biggest food drive of the year for the Auburn-based food bank, and the need is real. The 200 agencies in seven counties served by the Food Bank of East Alabama serve more than 30,240 people each month through food pantries, soup kitchens, senior and youth programs and rehabilitation centers.

Some food bank insiders say donations have been lagging this year, that enthusiasm for the drive has paralleled flagging enthusiasm for football in a season that stands at 4-4 after Saturday’s game vs. Ole Miss. We prefer to think that many donors have been busy and simply haven’t made their donations yet.

The Tigers still face Texas A&M, Georgia and Idaho before the winner of this year’s food drive is declared at the Alabama game, so there’s just enough time for our community to pull together and win this victory.

Has your household, your workplace, your church or school done its part to support this year’s effort? If not, please make it a priority.

Bringing the food drive trophy back to Auburn will be great, but more importantly, feeding the hungry in East Alabama is a victory we must all win.

Simply put, food bank donations are the difference between eating or not eating for many in our community.

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