It is hard to have any sympathy for our legislators who, when they ran, knew that a financial shortfall was looming this year. The stimulus funds were gone. The Trust Fund money had been borrowed and now needed to be paid back.

But there is a great solution! With all of the bravado that the legislators used to pass the Alabama Accountability Act in all of its secrecy, they could now pass a tax reform package which would be fair to all Alabamians. If they wanted to right a wrong, they could very well craft a bill that would be equitable without input from any outside entities (lobbyists). That would be a tax system that would require high earners and corporations doing business in Alabama to pay their fair share of income and property taxes.

The present system has lower income people paying 10 percent to 12 percent of their income in taxes while the wealthier pay around 4-5 percent. It is wrong. It is an upside down system. And it could be corrected—if they wanted to.

That would be the courageous thing to do and it would earn praise from most of Alabama citizens. And it could balance the budget and keep services going for the citizens. What a novel idea!

Marilyn Garrett


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