As a parent of Opelika City School students – four of them, in fact - I am troubled on many fronts by the recent event of the handgun found on one of Opelika High School’s students. I am very thankful that nothing tragic occurred, yet I am troubled that young men are increasingly resorting to guns to settle disputes in our society.

I am troubled that they would think nothing of destroying the life of another while ruining their own in the process. And, on a more personal level, I am troubled that the decision by this young man soils, in the minds of many, the fantastic job our city school system does in educating our young people.

My wife and I could not be more pleased with the education our children have received. I know we are not alone in stating that Opelika City Schools is one of our area’s greatest assets. From the superintendent to the very talented principals to the incredible teachers, our school system is doing the diligent day-to-day job of preparing each kid to better his future – whether that be gaining a top scholarship to one of the best institutions of higher education or giving the technical expertise needed to immediately enter the work force after graduation.

I pray that this young man understands his tragic mistake, and decides to turn his life in a positive direction. But I will not allow his incredibly poor decision to change my belief: that my children and many others are receiving the best of educations, which all children deserve.

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