In his Sunday letter, Mr. Bennett claims the NRA hides behind: "gun registration leads to confiscation"; but is registration going to stop the problems that we face today where many young people, especially minority youth, use guns to settled their differences?

How many of these crimes are committed using registered guns? If they were registered, how did these young people obtain them? It is estimated that there are over 300 million guns in America, most of which are not registered. Anyone can readily buy a gun off the streets, especially in the inner-cities, or steal them. For most home burglaries, guns are a favorite item. Owner of guns can take "good care" of them but the best of secure storage can be defeated.

Before we jump to conclusions, was the gun in this case the property of his parents? Was it registered? Why did this young man think it necessary to bring such to school? What was his intent?

Many think gun uses by our youth are part of our declining social values, traditions, religious training and the destruction of the family unit. In my opinion, Hollywood and the media share a large responsibility for this situation. Today, almost every movie and TV production has gun use in it; many realistic toys and computer games feature violent gun use. Our youth are saturated with this gun use mentality every day.

As to NRA's recommendations with regards the school security, these measures had they been in place would have prevented some of these terrible school killings. In some school districts this is where we are; thankfully, not here in Opelika and Auburn.

I am not a NRA member but agree with them that an unarmed people can be subjugated easier than an armed society; personally owned unregistered guns were the difference in our own revolution and overthrow of the British. If all guns are registered, then a rogue government would be able to confiscate them easily. Many Americans today are afraid of their federal government; this anxiety has been heightened by the use of IRS on political entities, Justice Department assaults/harassment of various businesses and individuals, NSA spying on all citizens, and the constant lies told by this Administration as to the implementation of those "fundamental changes" that our President said he was going to impose on us.

Cities and states with the most stringent gun ownership and registration requirements have not stopped or prevented gun crimes, especially by young people. Guns aren't the problem; it's the people who need the soul searching.

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